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AFrame Digital’s leading edge, real-time care management solutions enhance the safety, independence and wellbeing of individuals managing chronic health conditions.

AFrame Digital addresses the critical and growing needs of healthcare systems seeking cost-effective, “high touch” care coordination solutions for their highest risk patient populations.  AFrame Digital’s real-time, advanced telemonitoring and patient safety solutions deliver on the promise of telemedicine by enabling “high impact” patient care with built-in situational awareness and easy patient personalization features.  The use of “at-a-glance” wellness indicators reduces response time and care team burden while improving clinical decision-making; all without losing the high-touch factors so essential to excellence in patient care.  This enables a high quality of life and patient engagement while returning a strong ROI of 5X for your organization.*

Most care coordination programs cannot scale adequately enough to reach all high risk patients needing support.  Further, tools for true population health management and risk stratification are also lacking in existing protocols.  AFrame Digital’s highly scalable, open and cost-effective infrastructure supports finely grained risk stratification and patient response protocols thereby complimenting existing care management programs while reducing costs. Working closely with researchers at major universities and healthcare institutions, AFrame Digital has developed a secure and sophisticated platform which integrates patient safety and healthcare monitoring within a comprehensive, open and standards-based service, the MobileCare Monitor.

We’re passionate about helping care providers and patients and driven to provide the best possible solutions to healthcare’s most important challenges. Read more about the AFrame Digital advanced telemonitoring platform here.

Does your Care Management System Support:

Real-time mobile sensing, data analytics and alerts?
Easy set up and viewing of “at-a-glance” patient wellness profiles to reduce information overload?
Open, standards-based platform for easy integration with existing systems?

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